For Artists

For Artists

The 2014 Crested Butte Plein Air Invitational can provide a rare opportunity for early-career painters. The Invitational gives you the chance to witness the cream of the crop among living American landscape painters in long-form production mode. There is here a rare combination of a high-caliber artist list, and a long painting period. This is an event where you can witness an unusual range of America’s best landscape talent: our Invited Artist list includes a few painters who might be considered America’s most competitive landscape painters. We have an incredible selection of investment-caliber talent, newer and older, just behind our stars.

The painting demonstration imminent from this group justifies your attention and attendance.

Check out the Invitational’s painting talent with the artists’ website links at the bottom of the page.

Besides a rare painting exhibit, the Invitational offers an Open painting class. The Open Class is designed to encourage all painters to come here to paint, sometime during our month-long painting period, June 10th – July 11th. Open Class artists are provided the opportunity of an optional submission of two paintings to our late jury process, for inclusion for sale on our Open Class wall.

Our Open Class events provide a variety of fine experiences and learning opportunities. A month of gallery-led painting excursions are scheduled (beginning June 10th), the Gunnison Plein Air Open occurs July 5th and 6th, numerous workshops are scheduled, and the first one hundred Open Class artists to register may be a part of the event’s only Quickdraw, occurring Saturday, July 12th at 9 am. Check our calendar for a full and still expanding selection of painting fun!

Please join us in this living celebration of plein air painting here and now.


Bill Gallen, Alta Lakes, 12 x 16

Bill Gallen, Alta Lakes, 12 x 16



Participating Artists


Open Class: 

We are taking Open Class entries now. See here for details.

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