Non-Profit Donations

Non-Profit Donations

A Note from Shaun Horne on Non-Profit Donations for the 2014 Crested Butte Plein Air Invitational:

I am pleased and excited to report to you the occurrence of the 2014 Crested Butte Plein Air Invitational, which will culminate with a very large, extremely good landscape painting exhibit on July 12th, 2014.

This 2014 Invitational will be among the best and most substantial landscape painting exhibits and sales happening in the United States. The event is built around 25 Invited Artists, those who have been announced thus far, you can find under the For Artists menu. These Invited Artists include a quantity of America’s most renowned landscape painters. For example, the best landscape painter in the country right now, in my opinion, Ray Roberts, is participating.

Ray has won Best in Show repeatedly, at Maynard Dixon Country (and elsewhere). Maynard Dixon Country currently has, for my money, the best artist list of any landscape-painting event in the country. That makes Ray a best-of-the-best landscape painter right now, in the eyes of many other leading painters. On the other hand Ray isn’t quite as famous as he is good, yet. He is extremely influential among his peers, humble, and well-liked. Ray is probably the very best painter to have on your list. I have another 21 committed artists, with invitations out to others who are carefully considering the opportunity, and responding with respect.

What makes this show special, beyond the artist list, is that these painters are not only in this show, they are painting in Crested Butte for 7 to 10 days, and providing all of those new paintings for sale. This is a nearly unprecedented situation. This exhibit will present the highest quantity of new paintings of any American landscape sale of 2014.

The artist list and quantity of production is designed to generate a genuine destination art sale. We have a myriad of strategies for getting the word out, but the most important is this: I am asking our patrons to tell their friends – who like paintings – about this exhibit. I will go so far as to ask our friends who have homes here to consider inviting friends, who love art, to be here for the openings. Please consider this.

The CB Plein Air Invitational is designed to focus the current historic explosion of American plein air paintings in Crested Butte. The Invitational is designed to elevate the Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery to the highest level of reputation, so as to secure a long future life. Although the OBJ Gallery has clearly been built on the support and patronage of Crested Butte locals, the gallery, and especially the Invitational look beyond to the national art market. Art patrons who buy top-shelf paintings are willing to travel to do that, and Crested Butte strikes all as a natural place to buy great landscape paintings. I have just been made president of the Arts Alliance, because I speak of how the Invitational can be used as a learning tool by our arts community to develop new destination cultural events in Crested Butte. I have seen in Telluride how various festivals/events deliver a steady flow of new customers to the businesses of that town. This process can take some pressure off our locals to sustain every cultural event.

The 2014 Invitational is the crux move of the OBJ Gallery’s life. This event is not a step up from the 2011 Invitational, but two steps up. All future Invitationals, a 2016 event for example, will be built on the success of this critical step-up 2014 event. The Gallery has the knowledge and plan to use the artist list to attract top patrons from out of town. However, the Gallery does need of capital to make this event reach its potential. Monies are needed for artist housing deposits in particular (housing costs will be recouped from artist sales), and for national advertising deposits. The Gallery will generate a good portion of that capital, and has already invested significant capital, but I am hoping that our patronage will now support the remaining, modest capital needs of this event. I envision that capital coming from four sources:

  • Purchase deposits from Patrons attending the Patrons Preview
  • Non-profit donations channeled through the Center for the Arts (our non-profit sponsor for the event)
  • A limited quantity of Patron personal loans to the Gallery, yielding 10% APR
  • Non-profit grants

If you would ever consider backing the efforts of the Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery to develop Crested Butte as an arts destination, this is the moment. The 2014 Invitational is an extremely efficient way to generate a large, lasting, and positive impact on the national cultural reputation of Crested Butte. Please help me make this happen, by attending the exhibit, telling your art friends about it, or by contributing capital if you are able.

Thank you Crested Butte, for supporting the OBJ Gallery. Ultimately I consider my career, and the OBJ Gallery, as much an expression of you, as of me.


Shaun Horne

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